Pomona High School "Red Devils" Class of 1972 ~ Pomona, Calif.
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Feb. 5, 1955 to Nov. 9, 2000

Tawana (Klinzing) VanVeen


Name in School: Tawana Klinzing
Name Now: Tawana VanVeen
Email: pieter.tawana@hotmail.com

These are our oldest sons, Joshua and Wil. Usually they both keep their hair short. Our family we rescued a year ago and brought back.
Our children, Joshua, William, Katrina and Khristina

Tell us what's happened to you since high school
(Feel free to tell us THE WHOLE STORY):

After HS married John Galongo and moved and lived in Medford Oregon. John went into the US Army and during that time daughter Katrina was born here and I followed John to Stugart Germany for a while. He had to come back because his mother was ill. So then we followed him back state side to Ontario CA. He finish his tour at Fort Ord, that is where Khristina was born. Then after he was out we were back in Ontario. After awhile I left him and went back to Medford Oregon and then divorced. There I met Pieter and we were married and, because of Spotted Owl and job, it made it easier to make choice to move. His family came for visit and gave us (me) all the pros of moving to Canada. Family Allowance, mother gets paid $ each for having there children (until 18). "Free" medical care (paid thru Tax's "ours"). As I did have a baby that needed some medical attention, even with then being the second large set of twins at Rogue Valley Hospital Medford Oregon at that time. (1st-7lb. 9oz 20 1/2" long / 2nd-8lb. 51/2oz 21 1/2"long) We had to pack all four children up in a four door car and U-haul trailer and north bound we went to Saskatoon Saskatchewan in July 1981. I honestly feel that we were to move to Canada so we would have the opportunity to become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). Through all of our Trials and Tribulations, loss of parents, at the time the greatest loss of all was granddaughter 7mths old died in a trailer fire Dec 10, 2000. That seem to bring changes to us all. But to know that she is with Our Heavenly Father, and we are striving hard to get there ourselves so we can see her again. She is only one of 14 grandchildren (one more on the way Jan 08) it will bring us 15. Our winters are cold, can be very cold -45c plus wind chill, and summer can be hot 45c. I love driving, We drive all over the United States and Canada. We try to be snow birds as much as possible in the winter time. What I love the most about my husband, beside being my soul mate, is that Pieter loves the U.S. I drive Canadians crazy, but that's ok. Living life to the best of our ability and waiting to really retire, and investment come thru in the deep south so we can bask in the sun and watch the grandchildren grow. I love it when I get paid to see things and places like Graceland, Alamo, etc.

Married? Kids?

1st one John Galongo, right after HS, have two beautiful daughters Katrina 33 and Khristina 30. 2nd Pieter Van Veen also sealed together for ever Cardston Alberta LDS Temple have handsome twin sons Joshua 26 and William 26

Career? Job?

Retired from mother and now full time grandmother and O/O and Driver along side my husband, Two-Ones Transport inc. lease to a local company.

Where do you live?
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada

Which of your classmates are you most curious about?

There have been MANY thru the years that I have wonder about. Now finding this site by pure accident trying to look up names like Karen Allen, Christy A, Mary Fitzgerold brought me to this site. I was so amazed couldn't believe my eyes.


What was your favorite music then? Favorite song?


What is the best CD you've listened to recently?


What is the best book you have read lately?

"Exiled" True story of John Lathrop by Helene Holt

What is the best movie you've seen lately?

Love a lot of the Old western and Gone with the Wind and oldies (TCM's)with real actor/ress Because of the views of younger stars and the type of movies they are making, I just can't pay good money on movies for now.

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